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Down below we will show you the 7 best spots Amsterdam has to offer for those who love to ride. Visit the nicest skate shops and ride the biggest skate park of The Netherlands! Rent a bike to go quickly or walk/ride to enjoy the view. Check the entire route on google maps:

Tom's Skateshop

1. T.O.M.S. (The Old Man Skateshop) started in 1998 as a skateboard corner in the boardsports shop 'The Old Man'. With this shop outside the tourist area, Toms Skateshop goes back to the “core”; skateboarding as a basis. Given the many developments regarding skateboarding in Amsterdam, Toms Skateshop responds precisely to this. The new store has a mini-ramp, specialists in the field of skateboarding work and the range includes a wide collection of different skate-related brands. Come by for questions, advice and fun, at Amsterdam's coolest skate shop!
Route to Tom's Skateshop >


2. The Marnixbowl SKATE PARK at the Eerste Marnixplantsoen is one of the best skatespots in Amsterdam. A nice mellow bowl that measures 180 cm. and 210 cm. in the deepend with one sharp hip and a big, round hip. There’s big platforms all around the bowl with some steel benches so you can do a game of S.K.A.T.E. or some ledge trickery. It is close to a small park and the waterside, a perfect spot to enjoy in the sun. Route to The Marnixbowl >


3. Volcom Streetwear  shop in the old city center.  Volcom is known for its collaborations with artists and therefore offers a range of unique designs and clothing.  
Route to the Volcom Store >


4. Vans shop can be found  in the old city centre of Amsterdam. Here you can get the coolest sneakers of Vans, but also bags, clothing or even skate- and longboards of the Californian brand. The shop has two floors and is located at the Oude Hoogstraat. While stroling along the busy streets of Amsterdam this shop is definitely worth a visit.
Route to the Vans Store >

The Biggest Skate Park in the Netherlands - Zeeburgereiland

5. The Biggest Skate Park in the Netherlands is at Zeeburgereiland. Skaters who have visited this skate park are very enthusiastic. 'I'm moving to Amsterdam this summer,' one writes. It's focking damn huge mate and that's beautiful. We'll never get anything like it in the UK, 'others say. "This is really next level." is what Dutch skaters say. A new kind of skating is coming in the Netherlands. We didn't have these shapes and these bowls yet. Finally, there is also an 'empty swimming pool' that we can skate in, just as they skated in empty swimming pools in America. 'Years ago, the Zeeburgereiland started developing the so-called Urban Sport Zone. The skate track was designed by the Danish agency Glifberg and Lykke and built by SkateOn. It is big, to be precise, it is 3,100 m2 and it is located in the middle of the Sportheldenbuurt.
Route to Zeeburgereiland Skate Park>.

6. SKATE CAFE NOORD is a funky urban spot in Amsterdam North where you can stunt with your skateboard on the halfpipe, in addition, it is a top place to do drinks or have a bite to eat. (inside or on the terrace). "We wanted to create a nice place where everyone is welcome," The ownder explains. He loves this district of Amsterdam and saw he could add something beautiful. This place was first an old machine factory and a lot of mess. Together with friends, family and stuff they got from all over the place, they have transformed it into a paradise for skate enthusiasts and others. Because, he emphasizes, "this really isn't just for skaters." Also for coffee meetings and we many different events, for example children at skate lessons.
Route to Skate Cafe >.

7. Not tired yet? Check Skate park Noord very close to the SKATE CAFE is the indoor Skate Park Noord a unique skating rink for young and old, with adjustable parts. Route to skate park Noord >